We can perform most board level repairs on devices not just limited to smartphones and tablets. This includes things like damaged laptop charging jacks, broken USB ports, and replacing most damaged or faulty SMD components. Just fill out details of your problem on the Quote Form and we may be able to help.

All repairs come with a 1 month warranty. If the fault re-occurs in that time then we will re-examine the device and if it is the same fault, fix it free of charge. (this excludes water damage repairs).  You can also check out photo of us performing some of the repairs in Instagram. We have a FACEBOOK page where you can find comments from other customers and if you have a question you can leave it there and we will get back to you.

Once the repair is completed we will email you an invoice that gives you the option to pay by debit/credit card. If we are dropping the device back to you, you have the option of paying by cash or credit/debit card with our chip and pin machine.

No Fix = No Fee
We do not charge a labor fee for devices that we cannot fix, 
even if we’ve spent hours troubleshooting!  We don’t believe in diagnostic fees or putting out repairs that we can’t warranty, and therefore we don’t offer a solution for every problem.   If we can’t fix your device, you’ll be quoted no fix options which include:

No Fix Options:
1.) Leaving your device with us for parts/training, no charge.
2.) Receive your device back disassembled and bagged “as is”  Price = £15
3.)Queued to general repair team for reassembly.  Price £30