PS4 APU Reball (BLOD) Repair Service

This Service is for BLOD (Blue Light of Death) repair.

Main symptoms: 
– Flashing blue light with no video
– Power cut off
– No power at all

We’re providing full professional reball service with 12 months warranty.
Any botched job is a subject to additional cost.


The BLOD Blue light of death (the system is flashing blue light ) and no video on the screen but doesn’t turn off, white light that indicates console is on doesn’t show up.

  • * Console powers on in a normal way, the white light turns on indicating that everything is ok, the HDMI port is not damaged in any way but the console doesn’t display any video.
  • PS4 turns on normally but has video problems like scrambled video or freezing, distortion or pixelation.
  • PS4 starts normally but shuts down after 5 to 15 minutes.
  • When you turn the console on it turns back off immediately, no lights and no indication that the console is alive, like if the console dies completely.
  • PS4 turns on, blue light flashes for couple seconds then turns off.
  • Console keeps restarting and doesn’t stay on

We are a team of fully qualified and experienced technicians who are aiming to deliver quality repairing matching manufacturing standards. We are repairing gaming platforms since day one and were able to achieve a high rating of success in BGA and SMD rework using only professional tools and equipment.

We’re using only professional tools and equipment in order to achieve high quality and avoid any potential failure. Brands like Weller, Pace, JBC, and Metcal which are leading in soldering industry.

We are specializing in rework of BGA most of the electronic devices including laptops, tablets or gaming consoles.


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