iPhone & iPad Data Recovery

If your phone has been damaged by liquid, moisture, or just died out of the blue – we can get your iPhone data back.

if you are getting iTunes Error 14 please read this article

How does this work?

  1. Mail us your phone to our office ( Mail-in Repair
    Water Damaged iPhone 6s has repaired for Data Recovery purpose

    Instructions) .

  2. We make you a ticket.
  3. We retrieve your data.
  4. Bring us a hard drive or flash drive to transfer your data to.
  5. You pick up your data & pay your invoice!

Outside United Kingdom? No problem! Mail us your phone utilizing our Mail-in Repair  instructions.

We can retrieve your data at reasonable prices.

Data recovery starts at £150 and goes up to £1000. We use different techniques for our component level logic board repairs to retrieve data from your iPhone, and you only pay if we get your data.

  • Data Recovery Level 1: (Logic Board Repair) £150
  • Data Recovery Level 2: (Complicated Repair) £450
  • Data Recovery Level 3: (Board/CPU Swap) £1000

We properly treat your phone’s logic board.

Your phone’s logic board is comprised of components covered by shields. If your phone is damaged by water, it is often for cellphone repair shops to attempt a cleaning of the phone. The problem is most do not remove the shields. If these are not

removed, the corrosion and damage sitting under the shields will not be addressed.

Dead iPhone 6 rescued for Data Recovery from New Zealand 🇳🇿 .

Liquid damage on electronic circuit boards is a degenerative process that gets worse and worse. The longer one attempts to power the device on with this corrosion present, the worse it gets. We address this prior to any other component level repairs on the logic board with an ultrasonic cleaning process that removes the corrosion from the entire logic board.

Think of cleaning a phone without desoldering its shields like taking a shower with your clothes on. It doesn’t work, yet, for some reason, it is the most commonly advertised treatment.

We do not fix liquid damaged phones to be used again; only to recover data.

If your phone has been liquid damaged, Apple will replace the device outright for £200-£350 – even if you are not in warranty. Add up a £25 battery, £84 screen, £25 in flex cables, £150-£300 in motherboard repair, and £40 in disassembly/reassembly work, and it makes no sense. We do not provide liquid damage repairs to liquid damaged cellphones. It makes far more sense to go to Apple and have them give you another phone via their out of warranty programs.

  • We do not bill you for data recovery if we cannot recover your data.
  • No deposit necessary.
  • Fees are VERY reasonable.
  • We get what other companies can’t!