Fast, professional and affordable Game Console Repairs in UK

The XFIX technicians are specialized in repairing broken PS5, PS4, XBOX One, XBOX One X, XBOX Series X, Nintendo Switch.We have successfully repaired many PS3 and XBOX game consoles over the past 18 years. In the past 3 years, we have mainly focused on repairing the new PS4 and Xbox One. In addition, we perform hardware upgrades such as installing a bigger capacity hard drive on PlayStation and Xbox systems. Please note that if your console is located in a dusty environment or has restricted airflow, we can do fan upgrade in order to keep your system running cooler.


HDMI Port Replacement
  • HDMI port looks physically damaged
  • Pins bent inside
  • HDMI port is loose
  • Console still powers up and no display
Software/ Firmware Repair
  • Stuck in update loop
  • Freezes on start menu
  • Restores HDD every time you turn it on
  • Fails on Updating
Hard Drive Replacement or Upgrade
  • Hard drive has bad sectors
  • Games are running slowly
  • All software fixes attempted but hard drive still faulty
  • Upgrade hard drive capacity
Noisy/Loud Fan Repair
  • Fans sound like a jet engine
  • Fan rattling inside the console
WiFi Antenna Repair
  • Console won't connect to the internet via WiFi
  • Controllers or other wireless devices have trouble connecting to the console
HDMI Controller IC Chip Replacement
  • HDMI port looks okay but no output
  • No Signal on TV
  • Only outputs in 576p
  • Shows red, blue or sometimes a snowy screen
  • It Doesn't Play 4K Games
No Power Repair
  • Console has no power at all
  • No lights and you have tried a new cable
  • Console powers off during use without warning, no beeps, no lights
Disc/Laser Repair
  • Console accepts discs but doesn't load them
  • Console disc reading icon continuously spins
  • Console shows disc read error message
Console Motherboard Repair
  • Logic board needs component level repair
  • Cable connector replacement
  • IC replacements
  • Logic board track repairs.


of 5 stars
Evelyn Chidex Uzoh
3 months ago

They are the best phone repair shop you can visit. Really fast, friendly, professional and convenient service.Quality repair I Only asked for a new screen and I got the best. Thank you for your service

Tanya Long
4 months ago

Absolutely fab service,totally smashed the screen on my IPad and genuinely thought I’d have to buy a new one.

These guys fixed it for me and it looks brand new, even put a screen protector on for me at not extra cost.

Jacqueline Schneider
10 months ago

Very polite with excellent customer service. I took my iPad Pro in as the battery wasn’t performing very well and they fitted a new one quickly and efficiently. I would definitely recommend this firm. *****

Ben Grainger
10 months ago

Great professional service.

Jade Mcmenamin
11 months ago

Great service, very quick & friendly would highly recommend and definitely reuse. Phone was fixed in an hour & even given a free screen protector! Thanks again

Cory Lynas
11 months ago

Just been in to fix my Xbox controller didn’t expect it to be fixed as fast thank .!!

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