Many hidden and detailed information about your smartphone can be shown and performed easily with some specific codes available for Android. To use them, the user simply needs to open the mobile dialer of smartphone and enter the code, which will be recognized automatically, without the need to press other buttons.

Even though some codes may not be compatible with all kinds of smartphones, most of them should work, in general. xFix Repairs brings to you a list of  50+ Android’s Secret Codes that will make your life easier and practical.

Cool Android Secret Codes 2018


1. Discover IMEI

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Apple’s official MFi Certified logo is regularly seen on many third-party accessory packages. The MFi certified logo covers the full range of iDevices accessories. It is an abbreviation for “Made for iPod, iPhone, and iPad”. MFi unblocks business opportunity for third-party accessory manufactures and forces them to ensure their products meet Apple’s standards. And the MFi certified accessories are recommended to be used with your iDevice. Today we are going to discuss about MFi certified lightning cables.

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