Fixing iPhone 6 with “no service/Searching issue” or technically we call it baseband IC issue after this phone has been bent. We have removed the baseband ic and fixed the broken solder pads and also by run the wire jumpers and then we’ve reballed the baseband ic and installed it on board and result was successful and now the phone is working fine with full bar signal.

WiFi stopped working after this iPhone 7 has been dropped badly and WiFi got Grayed Out and it couldn’t find any wifi network. So We have replaced the WiFi IC Chip and also we’ve removed the wifi lock from NAND IC Chip by NAND Programmer to Solve the issue.

iPhone 7, 8 Home Button Flex Cable Repair

we have repaired iPhone 7 home button flex cable after the customer tried to change the LCD screen and accidentally damaged the home button flex cable.


iPad Pro 9.7″ Home Button/Touch ID Repair Service

iPad Pro 9.7" Home Button/Touch ID Repair Service
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