Your iPhone 7 home button not working after screen replacement? iPhone 7 home button cable ripped? On this video we show you how we can fix iPhone 7 home button flex cable.

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On this iPhone¬†7 we’ve¬†repaired broken data line on a second¬†layer of the logic board after the customer tried to replace the LCD screen and accidentally¬†used the wrong screw on the wrong screw hole and after that, because the screw¬†was long it damaged the logic board and broke the touchscreen connectivity data line between CPU¬†to LCD connector and because of that touchscreen wasn’t¬†working at all. so we fixed the broken¬†data line and touch screen starts working again.

Fixing iPhone¬†6 with “no service/Searching issue” or technically¬†we call it baseband IC issue after this phone has been bent. We have removed the baseband¬†ic and fixed the broken solder pads and also by run¬†the wire jumpers and then we’ve¬†reballed the baseband ic and installed it on board and result was successful and now the phone¬†is working fine with full bar signal.

WiFi stopped working after this iPhone¬†7 has been dropped badly and WiFi got Grayed Out and it couldn’t find any wifi network. So We have replaced the WiFi IC Chip and also we’ve removed the¬†wifi lock from NAND IC Chip by NAND Programmer to Solve the issue.

iPhone 7, 8 Home Button Flex Cable Repair

we have repaired iPhone 7 home button flex cable after the customer tried to change the LCD screen and accidentally damaged the home button flex cable.