Fix iPhone 7 Unable to Restore Error 4013


iPhone 7 unable to restore Error 4013
I bought this phone from a private seller. He told me that the iPhone started to continuously reboot after an upgrade ( I don’t exactly know which version and don’t know if this is true ).


When the phone came to me I realized that it turned on, stayed on for 3- 4 second showing the Apple logo and rebooted.

I plugged the phone in, trying to restore using the DFU mode. iTunes prompted a 4013 error. After that prompt, I successfully performed an upgrade to the latest IOS version, without any error. When iTunes ended, the phone restarted, but the boot loop problem persisted.

Then I successfully flashed the phone using 3uTools.

After all these steps, there’s no boot loop anymore. It just stops during the boot, asking an Itunes restoring. Every attempt to restore/upgrade using Itunes fails and all I get is a 4013 error. 3uTools isn’t working anymore, since, when it tries to prepare the iPhone rebooting it, the phone shows the Itunes image without responding anymore.

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