Samsung mocks iPhone: Latest marketing campaign verdict: We like Samsung – we really do. The tech is good, the operating speeds are fast, the battery life (generally) is excellent, and of course, Apple iPhone displays are currently OLED – developed and supplied by Samsung.

But we’re not sure about the logic behind the latest ‘hilarious’ ads by Samsung that mock Apple tech. As phone engineers, we’re well equipped with the knowledge to say which tech is more next gen. And we’ve never been more impressed with iPhone technology.

However, it is true that Samsung tends to hit the nail on the head when it comes to user-friendly interfaces. These two phone giants basically build awesome, truly fantastic phones. They are different – they offer the customer variety. And choice in any market is essential.

Surely Samsung’s latest marketing campaign should be celebrating their features on the S9 – rather than mocking their direct competitors in order to market their products? This ad mentality, as clever as it is, smacks of the insecure kid in the playground saying mean things about the class geek behind their back. Yes, he’s brilliant at maths and music – but he’s terrible at football and you should all know that. It’s a bit nasty – it’s poor sportsmanship – and it makes Samsung look just a little desperate. If you mock the competitor, it’s because you know they are better than you.

The latest marketing campaign is a series of ads that take features of the new iPhone X and give examples of why it’s not user-friendly – and what customers are saying about the product once they start using it. It makes for an interesting watch, but we have this to say: Surely Samsung, you are better than this? Your innovations and creativity when it comes to brilliant features are second to none. But rather than running down your competitor, who frankly, does have more space-age tech within the confines of the handset than you do (have you seen the motherboards inside an iPhone?), how about celebrating your own brilliance?

This ad centers around the controversial notch, which iPhone have remained loyal to, regardless of the criticism from some areas. The scenario revolves around a disingenuous Apple technician/customer services rep who has to explain to a customer that while the notch does indeed cover a little of the screen while viewing videos, it’s really no big deal and you get used to it. The customer is less than impressed.



The next ad shows a female customer asking the same Apple technician, exactly where she can locate the micro SD storage slot. He tells her there isn’t one – and that she can store everything on the Apple cloud. The customer says she doesn’t like to store data on the cloud – and asks what her options are. She is told she can spend $150 on buying the next iPhone version. Again, she looks less than impressed.



Finally, a customer approaches and asks how she can get the split screen option and have two apps open at once. She is told she will need to download another app to run two consecutive apps. She looks puzzled and states that her Samsung can do this – and it’s really handy. The iPhone technician, not wanting to be disloyal to his brand, instead compliments her on her nails to try and change the subject.


The thing about Apple is, that like the class geek, they don’t have to prove themselves by running down your innovations. Like the intellectual giants they are, they don’t mock. Instead, they learn from the environment. If somebody else does it better, you can bet your bottom dollar that the next iPhone model will have a similar-but-done-better feature included as part of the spec.

Apple and iPhone marketers do not feel the need to run down the competition in order to be noticed. The brilliance shines through – even if they are not so great at football (metaphorically speaking, they are working on it – and they will soon be the best as a result.

The lesson perhaps for Samsung is this: learn from your competitors, don’t mock them. It just makes you look bad.

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