Fix Dead iPhone 7+ after Using a Cheap Cable From Poundland

We have received an iPhone 7 plus with charging issue and it would not charging with any USB cable and it was draining the battery so quickly.

customer explained that he has bought a USB cable from Poundland UK to use it in his office but after charging his iPhone 7+ for few hours he realized that the phone is getting hot and there is an error “Accessory may not be supported” on display but unfortunately it was late and phone died after half an hour and the cable already damaged the Tristar IC Chipset and because of that this phone would not accept any charger and battery was draining so fast.

How to fix an iPhone 7+ that won’t charge?

so we have checked the phone and as we knew the Tristar IC/Charging IC/U2 IC was faulty so we have replaced the Tristar/Charging IC and after repair phone starts charging normally without any problem. So Remember that You should never buy a cheap iPhone cable – it could be riskier than you first thought.


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