Fix iPhone 5c Date/Time Problem & Searching for Network

Today we have received an iPhone 5c date and time wrong and TIME was stuck on 1 pm or 4 pm and we couldn’t even change the date manually and it kept getting back to 1 Jan 1966!

Customer Email and Fault Description:

My iphone 5c currently started displaying the wrong time. I hadnt updated the software yet and thought this was the source of the issue. After the update was complete the time was still incorrect. I have tried syncing my phone with itunes, deleting world clocks, doing hard resets, even wiped the phone back to factory settings. Nothing has worked.

Base on our experience this issue related to the Y2 clock crystal 32.768K or miss connection between the Power IC (PMU) and the Y2 clock crystal. so first we have tried to replace Y2 clock crystal but still time was stuck so next step was to reball or replace the PMU but before doing it we tried to bypass the PMU and make a jumpers and connect the clock crystal directly to the PMU.

so we have to grind the PMU and found the solder trace and made a jumpers to the clock crystal and after that time and date sets to the current time and phone could find the network and start working again like a normal phone.


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