How To Fix Auto-brightness Issue on iPhone 8, 8P, X – Video Instruction

Recently, unauthorized third-party repair outlets are affected by a problem – the screen repair on iPhone 8/8 Plus/X disables the device’s ability to adjust brightness automatically. It’s not a problem only appear on the iPhone with aftermarket iPhone LCD screens but also with original and OEM screens.

Yet, the aftermarket repair community hasn’t come up with any solution to this issue. But solved by ”The Light Sensor Programmer Box”, it can be easily fixed by using ”The Light Sensor Programmer Box”. It’s a magic box which can transmit the data from the original cracked screen to the new display replacement. Once the transmission completed, the Ambient Light Sensor comes back to life.


The Light Sensor Programmer Box for iPhone 8 8 Plus X LCD Screen Code Files Programming Device Phone Repair Tools

This programmer is used to solve light sensor not working issue after screen replacement.
To solve the auto-brightness issue by reading the firmware data of the original screen, and write the information into the replacement screen.
Please note: This Programmer can only be used for original screens, aftermarket screens are under developing.

1. It fit for iPhone X, 8, 8P
2.Support Chinese and English
2. Support offline and online operation, with touch screen, easy and quick operation!
3. You can back up more than 200 pieces of code files, then you can save into the computer. When you use the replacement screen to replace the customer’s original screen, you can backup the code files of the original screen!
4. If the customer’s replacement screen damaged again, you can easily write the information into the new replacement screen.

”The Light Sensor Programmer Box” is for iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X which assures its functionality to automatically adjust brightness by data transforming.

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