New iPhone 7 Charging Port To Fix The Damaged Home Button + Video

This new charging dock flex is specially for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with damaged or lost Fingerprint/ Touch ID.
1. it Can solve the home button‘s return failure. After replacing this charging dock, you can press to return to the main screen; 2. Solve the bugs such as cannot wake up the screen with the power button, or the screen didn’t light up during phone calls; 3. After installation, you can use the screenshot with the home button and power button; 4. It added iOS 11 quick charging feature. So you can charge the phone at a speed 50% faster before replacement. 5. Standby time is nearly the same as before. 6. It has built-in original Apple MFI ic, perfectly matched with iOS 12.
The only shortcoming is that after replacement, you still need to buy a lightning earphone adapter to use the earphone.  

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